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Cash's first trip to the beach!

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

One thing about being a second time mommy that's a lot more fun - being less afraid to take baby places! I think I probably waited until John was about 5 or 6 months old until I was brave enough to even leave the house with him on my own - let alone take him to the sandy, sweaty BEACH. As a second time mom I am enjoying feeling a lot more confident in my abilities (and my knowledge that babies are much harder to break than you think, Haha). So at 6 weeks off to the beach Cashy went with momma & big bro! We had a nice couple of hours in the sand, and Cash of course snoozed the afternoon away in his stroller as 6 week old babies do.

SHOP THE SUIT -- super flattering blue one piece via Target

SHOP THE HAT -- VERY affordable and nice quality! My favorite beach hat!

Keep it Crazy, Make it Beautiful.

xx Gigi

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