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A Letter to My First Born

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

As we prepare for your little brother to arrive... here is my love note to you, my big boy.

To my first born,

You opened my eyes to the purest, deepest love I've ever known. Your sweet, kind and sensitive soul has been so forgiving of me as I figure this mommy thing out. You'll always be the first. The first to hear my heart from the inside, the first to make me gush with pride over accomplishments not my own, the first to call me mama - the title in my life I will always treasure most.

Your brother won't know a mom who's unsure of what to do when he's teething, or when he scrapes his knee, or how to respond to a tantrum - but you did.

You've known a mama who's been making it up as she goes and you've been ceaseless in your love of me besides my faults and failures. I've never known a soul sweeter than yours. I'm terrified of the ways our bond will change once your brother arrives, but I swell with pride knowing you'll be just as sweet and tender to him as he learns and grows as you have been to me.

My first, my alpha, my always - thank you for making me the best me I've ever been.



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